A Few Poems I Wrote

Mind Control
Learning To Love Oneself
Human Stength
This is Me
My Resume
The Ultimate Sacrifice

I know you love me
As well as I know my heart
I see your struggling
The demons and you possessors
I see the fear, the pain, the disparation
I understand you, as you tell me
We must say goodbye

The burden you carry
Fight with each day
Darkens your moods and tears at your heart
Anger rises, out of control
Forcing you, to the depths of insanity
This you protect me from
When we do part

In my silence I cry
Though I feel you are right
You must fight this alone
I watch you walk away, into the night
I pray to all above
To protect you, guide your steps
As you filght your war
To freedom and love!!!!

Into The Lust
Your anger keeps rising
Do you even know
He's pushing your buttons
Your ready to blow

The beeds in your eyes
Are glaring like Ice
Straight through my head
Like blades from a knife

Yet you speak softly
Act like you care
Far too confusing
I feel to beware

You think your in love
I find you just lost
He's taken your mind
Yourself he's just tossed

A matter of time
A matter of trust
Brake all the cords
That got you into this lust

Are You Scared
I need to ask you
As it bothers my heart
To watch your reaction
To my presents in your life

Why when you see me
I see fear in your eyes
Have I done something to you
Have shown you I'm unkind

I look in myself
But I do not see
Any unkind gesture
To you from me

Is it me that is fearful
Or yourself in the night
Do you really see yourself
Within the mirrors of my eyes

Is it just cause I'm caring
And you can't stand the thought
Of somebody caring
Cause that might just hurt

Is it the high that you feel
When I touch your hand
I noticed your jumped back
The jolt made me stand

Or the depth of my soul
When you look in my eyes
Much deeper then most
As I love to love

Or The fact that I love
Far deeper then rain
This sets your heart pounding
The you Shut down again

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