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New Seeds Of Love!
By Anagel Femia
Of LoveCry

I need to breath
So please clear my space
Watching you hate
Is an ugly face

I want to feel
The joys of life
So turn away
And live you lies

I'm going to ride
High on the waves
And deal with the sadness
That comes my way

Not live illusions
Or play your games
Of closed mind, closed heat
It's life I claim

So you go that way
And I'll go this
I'm sure you'll cry
Over what you missed

But I will find
All I truly need
And build my soul
To grow new seeds
Of Love!
“Beginning To Take Your Mind!”

By Angel Femia

Of LoveCry

In your face I see more

More then you would believe

In the ridged lines of sadness

In the harsh edges of anger

In the depth of despairing eyes

I see your holding back

But the wall is beginning to crash

Running from your pain

But it’s catching up

Darkness covers your being

Forcing you to face

The hell you believe will crush you

The memories you try to forget

The truth you would believe are lies

Filling all your thoughts

Are beginning to take your mind!
“The Healing Light Of Love!”
By Angel Femia
Of LoveCry

I hand you my heart
When you say you love me
I open my mind
Cause you show you care
I accept you inside
Welcome to my life

You listen and understand
As I tell of my life’s jourries
You help me dry my tears
As painful moments flare out
You hold me close
As you feel the need

I hear your adventures
You sadness breaks my heart
I hold you close
As we both begin
To fell a deep power
The Healing Light of Love!
"Braking Control!"
by Angel Femia of LoveCry

I watch your eyes
As you speak
A glint a snarl
You seem so weak

There was a time
I feared you so
As I realised
Your hold on me

How did you get
Inside my mind
To steal my thoughts
As you entwined

It changed my life
For that short time
I pushed you out
I was not kind

Nor will I be
Upon your return
As yu have no right
Yes this I've learned

You called it love
To dominate
I call it hate
And here's the gate!

And I Will Do!
by Angel Femia

Echoes ringing in my ears
Taking me to pastures
I never dared cross
Leading me into all the fears
My childhood memories enfolds
Giving me courage
To listen to what I may hear
And do whatever that may be

With glimmering hopes of a child
And eyes wide open with trust
Not to be shaken
Even when the world
Crumbles to the ground
Still giving me the strength to
Rebuild it with every sigh

O Lord If this is you
Calling out to me
Tell me what it is you wish
For I am your child
And will do for you as I may
If this your hope for me
Say the words loud and clear
And I will do.

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