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I am Angel:
I have spent the better part of my life healing from abuses starting almost at my birth.

During my travels I have realized that the only reason we exist is to learn how to Love Unconditionally. This brought me to the Sprit World!

Through the Spirits within all of us,lies the love we are all looking for.

The blockage we endure is within our minds. Thoughts have to be changed in order to realize at his love. Our minds must be more focused on Love, Light and Peace!

This I wish to all
Blessed Be!

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Feet Finally On The Ground

Your standing now
But for how long
You lost so often
On that road your on
I've watched you fall
Then get back up
My hand is there
To fill your cup
Now you have
To stand alone
Flying right
You are on your own
Force yourself
To do things right
Cry your tears out
In the night
Make yourself
Stand right up
Then you will find
You will fill your own cup
Now when it's full
You drink it down
And you will see
Feet firmly on the ground.

With Our Hearts Together
We Can Win!

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Our World Needs Peace
Remember the last time {Vietnam 1960'ss and 1970's} war was so prominent in our lives on a daily basis much like it has been in this past few years.
It is at times like this that we as humans are forced to remember the only real reason we even exist is to love. Love is the main need we all have no mater what our powers at be pretend and try to force us to conform to. Love is the True healer and the lifeline to all that is good in our Universe.
Below are some very well know lyrics to a song written during the hell if the 60's and 70's. It gave many of us the strength to face our lives while many of our loved ones were being tortured and killed in a war that made no sense to any of us and was more vicious then most others.
This Song of course was written by John Lennon.
Below that is information on love produced by LoveCry.
Love, Light and Peace

By John Lennon

Love is Real
Real s Love
Love is Feeling
Feeling is Love
Love is Wanting
To be Loved
Love is Touch
Touch is Love
Love is Reaching
Reaching Love
Love is asking
To be Loved
Love is You
You and Me
Love is Knowing
We can be
Love is free
Free is love
Love is Living
Living Love
Love is Needing
To be Loved

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