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What do you believe true human strength is?

Some say it's physical, as in big, muscular, and tough. Others believe one who does not cry or show any emotion, is showing strength.

Many believe it's in ones faith. Of course in their own respects all of these examples are shows of strength. But are they or any combination of them true human strength in

Any body can become physically strong with proper exercise, food, and rest. As all of us know just how to hide our emotions and use them to manipulate and control, and anyone's faith can become stronger with more time spent within thoughts of love, God and prayer.

Look at physical strength. Say I have always been able to clear a room when I get into a fight or been able to lift one hundred pounds of silver off the floor, with one hand. This, most people, would look at as strong.

Even though I have huge strong muchels and a real mean punch, how easily do I get angered or frustrated? What if I am short tempered, highly emotional, and get out of control a the drop of a dime, but can kick the hell out of five guys at once. Am I truly strong?

Then take the person who shows no tears or emotions. After a while of this type of emotional behavour leads to heartlessness. We have found that people who close or hide their emotions from themselves also close emotionally to all of humanity.

These people will eventually become incapable of feeling anyone elses tears along with their own. Then how strong is it to only take the what you want, and through away the rest because it makes you frustrated, sad or angry. Is that not what an emotionless person is doing? Is being seperated emotionally from all others, { which renders one discompasionate}, a true sign of strength.

Now the person with such faith, but hides athemselves behind closed doors, away from the many in order to remain pure. To have such a gift and not share it with others who may be in need, is this strength? Or those who have this faith and use it as an itimidator, {you will burn in hell if you do no listen}, or stand in judgment of those who have not, is this truly stength?

All of the above are shows of strength, but none combined or apart are true human strength. As humans we were given the componant of thought {the human brain}, as well as all the animinal strengths and faith. God entrusted us with this, in order for us to be the caretakers of all esle on earth.
Not to dominate and control, but to dicipline with truth, tough love and compassion. Therefore our true strength lies within our abilities to disipline ourselves in all areas of
life, especially the way we allow ourselves to think.

For instance, we have all witnessed, someone whom we believed to be weak, do remarkable things that many people we believe to be strong, could never do. This was possable due to the fact that this weak person believed he/she could do it.

Another example I see is within myself. When I was addicted to drugs, I believed I was one of the weakest people I had ever met. I was a complete mess, cried at the drop of a dime, lost my temper if someone looked at me the wrong way
and I ran away from any singn of confrontation, as I was afraid to get hurt.

That what I called very weak. Today, after being clean for over twenty years, Icry only when it truly hurts, I very seldom loose my temper, I smile and pray when someone looks at me the wrong way, and I stand up for mine and other people's rights non stop. I have been dicipling my thoughts, you can too.

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