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Caretakers For Our Creator!
Angel Femia

On the edge of a cloud
I sit and watch
The world goes by

On the edge of a cliff
A young girl wanders
In awe of the glory

By the shore of the Ocean
An old man walks
In amazement of his life

When I think of the glory
In visions such as this
It makes me question

Why we the Humans
Sent to this earth
To care take for the Creator

I work for understanding
And pray for change
We need to learn

To respect without destruction
Love without rejection
Care without obligation or payment

Be considerate of all
Take responsibility
And be honest with our words

Forgive and grow
Accept all differences
And heal what we have harmed!

All Great Leaders
Work Towards Peace For All!

Love Is A Giving Thing!
By Angel Femia
Of LoveCry

Many people feel love has passed them by, or they have simply given up and become angry bitter people. Most believe that being loved, by other humans, {especially family members} is some kind of Divine Right given to all humans. At the same time, a belief in the fact that we Love without ever learning how is a right due to Human Birth as well, and no learning is necessary.

Then there is the aspect of this so-called unlearned way of love:
1. That if I love you, you love me and that this is fact just because we exist!
If I love myself and you love yourself this can very well be a true statement, but if I love myself and you hate yourself the same statement can be just as untrue.
2. I gave you birth so you automatically love me and vice versa!
Again this is only a true statement if I, as the mother loves myself and in turn teaches my child, through example to love me in return. {The dependency that a child has on the parent or caregiver is in no way love.} If I, the mother, hate myself, I cannot love my child, thus my child will not be able to love me.
3. The score board love or keeping tabs to measure love!
Many believe that if they do someone a favour, treat a person with kindness or respect, or help a person in some way, that this is automatically love. This is simply not true. In some cases these deeds are done out of love but in no way are they love, nor should they be weighed out to show how much a person loves another. {ex: “I did the dishes to show you I love you!” --- “I bought you a diamond ring, now do you see I love you?” --- “I gave you birth, of course I love you, and many more”}.

When I look at these types of conditional love, I see that love is very much taken for granted and that we as humans are looking more for what we can get, how much we have done, or what is owed to us for the doing, as opposed to working towards the giving aspect, which is truly what love is all about.

Quite a few years ago I met a doctor who woke me up to the truth of the Love situation. I was feeling unloved and I truly felt I had been cheated. At this time I was very self-centred. I was angry at the entire world because I did not have an easy, happy life. This doctor asked me a few very important questions to ask myself.

The questions: Why was I expecting to be loved when all I seemed to be doing was living within the anger from the fact that I felt unloved and how much did I love if I was being self-centred and resentful. He showed me that if I gave love {consider love being a giving thing} and just put no conditions upon it at all, that I would soon feel and see that love is returned but not necessarily from the same place it was given to.

Love is a giving thing and what is gotten from this giving should be of no consideration if it is unconditional love or real love at all. Love is Free of all charge or costs. If I love a person that is incapable of loving me in return, the universe will see to it that the love I gave will be retuned three fold from other sources, therefore I do not have to worry about anyone loving me as I already get more love then I ever could give.

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Soul Energy
By Angel Femia

Using our energy properly helps us to stay healthy, happy and helps us to do the things we need to do from day to day. Many do not understand that this energy is our very lifeline. The rules we were given to govern our lives from our Creator are there to help us utilize this energy for the better good of all creation. It is our responsibility as the car-takers of this world to learn and understand how, why and what to use this precious gift we have been honored with. Please read this poem below and think a little of the message I am trying to convey.
Energy Suckers also known as Emotional Vampires seem to be more and more deeply ingrained within our society today. There is more mental manipulation and deceit happening between us all then ever before in the history of mankind. It does not take much to control anothers mind. One lie, one double message, one sexual seduction game and we can control whomever we play these games towards. This is not Kool and is defiantly abuse.

Emotional Vamps!
by Angel Femia

Do you sleep at night?
Guilt covers you persona
I watch you lie, cheat and hate
I see others cry while
You beam out power

Power you stole
When they believed you
When they trusted you
When you deceived them

Do you ever cry?
Does your heart brake?
When someone turns their back
And walks away, rejecting you
Do you feel emotions at all?

You exude pain and anger
With total self disgust
Intimidating all you see
Hurting all you touch.

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