The Toronto Street News

The Toronto Street News, A Homeless News Paper!
The Toronto Street News, A Homeless News Paper!
We are always glad to here from you.

Victor Fletcher, Astrologer, Publisher, Editor, Founder
Angel Femia, Columnist, Poet, Philosopher
Springeagle, Therapist
Jim Health Guru
Cartoonist, LoveCry"s:
Heather Markel and Ally Walsh
M. Constable
Joe Hill
B. Delaney
All the staff at The Toronto Street News and LoveCry donate time, work, and their lives making sure our people get what can be given.
Our Paper is sold to the homeless at 10 cents per copy and sold on the streets for $1.00 each. The 10 cents per copy is used to pay for the printing costs.
LoveCry and Toronto Street News are registered
as non-profit charities and will give tax reciets:
Donations accepted: Call 416-406-0099
Send To 1024 Queen St.,E.,
Toronto, Ontario,
M4M 1K4

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Homlesness is very real!
Over 50,000 homeless in Toronto!
Donations of food,cloths,blankets, toiletries are always needed.
You can drop them off at 1024 Queen St.,E.,
Toronto, Ontario
or call us at 
We have over 7,000 kids on the Streets of Toronto!
Please Help!
We Need Help To Keep Warm!
In Canada ATHe Streets are Cold!



Love's Not A Sin! --- Six Years of Business


Love's Not A Sin!

The Toronto Street News is owned and operated by ex-Street People and sold on The Streets of Toronto by the homeless so they can make money to live on and have the Pride of owning the newspaper they sell.


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