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The Toronto Street News, A Homeless News Paper!
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We give most of our issues ..... FREE ..... to Homeless, Handicapped, Underemployed, Dying, so that they may sell it for their sole income to become self-supporting. See our tabloid pages at


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The Toronto Street New is owned and operated by Homeless People who have worked very hard to get off the streets and become a vital part of our society.
We are in partnership with LoveCry, the street Kids' Organization,also owned and operated by the homeless, world wide!

Welcome to the new

Toronto Street News

Our site will endeavor to provide materials that are not seen in local media sites. "Press whores" is a word used for reporters who take large salaries in order to report on select stories with established approaches. We will provide fresh approaches and unbiased news whenever possible.

This site provides additional and longer features reported in our accompanying tabloid newspaper: Toronto Street News sold on the streets of Toronto.

We at the Toronto Street News work very hard to help our community, especially the homeless, abused and impoverished. We support any and all services that actually help our people and when posable all others as well.
Our goal is to STOP ABUSE!


The Toronto Street News publishes a great deal of information regarding: domestic violence,child abuse.
We put out information on how to get help, where, what kind of help is needed and much more.
The Toronto Street News is affiliated with LoveCry the Street Kids' Org. in helping abused street kids across Canada.

The Toronto Street News


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This site is a member of WebRing.
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