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LoveCry is a street-based non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness of abuse, in general, and the devastating consequences it has on our children, in particular. The organizations primary focus is to bring to the forefront the plight of homeless youth - street kids- by educating and informing the public as to why these kids end up on the streets. As well, the organization provides assistance to teenagers who fall through the cracks by approaching their issues in an entirely different spectrum.
We believe, as evidenced through education, personal experience and numerous in-depth studies, and in consensus with both experts and the street kids themselves, that children leave their homes and take to the streets primarily because of abuse in the home. Abuse takes many different forms, verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, psychic, ritual and spiritual, amongst many. What is certain is that no child leaves a home where they have felt love and acceptance. Poverty is a by-product of homelessness, not the cause.
LoveCry consists primarily of individuals who have themselves experienced homelessness and abuse and have successfully met the challenge of changing their lives. They combine the expertise of their education and life experience to establish a unique and profound rapport between themselves and the kids, and form the trust and the support that is a necessary foundation to the rebuilding of self-esteem. We also believe that conventional methods have been notoriously unsuccessful, and in fact, have contributed further to co-dependency in some youths and the alienation of others.
We believe through mutual participation with government and non-government youth service organizations, solutions can be found. Information, education and a serious determination to promote understanding of the root cause of homelessness, is our objective. We advocate as the voice of abused youth and articulate our conviction to represent the truth.
We can all assist them in their journey towards positive self-esteem and a life of fulfillment, joy and meaning. They are our future; they are a reflection of us.

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