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LoveCry, The Street Kid's Organization!

Board of Directors:

Angela D. Femia-Richmond
C. E. O./President/Director

Life Coach 

Lisa Aharon
Real Estate Agent and Sales

Dee Nicholson

Life Coach

Advocate for Total Health Freedom


Galit Menahem
Manager of Several Personal Businesses

Jesse Wilson

Child Psychologist


Tisa Katz
Office Manager
Public Relations  Administrator

Nesha Mohamed

Manager of Money Mart, Parliament Branch

Victor Fletcher
The Toronto Street News


Anthony De Pasqualie

Trainer and Nutritionist



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Shadow Fear! 
Angel Femia

You are on my mind
In echos it seems
What do you want?
Are you part of my dream?

Through a great mist
I see you standing there
Why do you come here?
Why do you stare?

I feel your presents
But hear not at all
In the distance a shadow
The image is tall

Youre walking towards me
The fear blast my mind
So I run swiftly from you
I feel youre not kind

I run from your shadow
I run from your sight
I run from your image
I run to the light


Some Day! 
Angel Femia
Some day youll wonder
Some day youll care
When you wake up and see
The pain and despair

Some day it will haunt you
Some day tears will fall
When you feel all the sadness
From the hearts behind your wall

Some day it will hit you
Some day you will crash
When you karma catches up to you
Your mind will feel the lash

Some day youll see it
Some day youll decide
To change the hate within you
Loves a much better ride




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