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Mandate!!! "We Believe In The Power of Love!"

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It seems in our world many people have thrown away values that are truly needed in order to love and care for ourselves, each other, our children and the world we live in.

Look around and it's not hard to see how much we are really abusing each other in every manner.

We all need to open our hearts and minds to see clearly that we are acting worse then all else, on the planet,when we abuse each other, our world and especially our children and loved ones.



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LoveCry is a non-profit company desinged to help people every where:

Help the Homeless, Abused and Impoverished, World wide!

Bring attention to the facts regarding abuse.

Realize abuse in all it's forms,

The effects,

The Addictions,

The emotional illnesses caused,

The learning disabilaties created,

The way it is spread and how to get a grip!

Research and find proper treatments for all abuses.

Advocate for change

Donations To LoveCry
Registered Non-Profit Charity
Business Charity # 892526365RR0001
Send To:  93 Broadview Ave.,
Toronto, Ontario,
M4M 3E4
Phone:  416-406-0099


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