Help To Heal Our World!

We Are The Caretakers For The Creator
Angel Femia

I believe that we as humans have a great responsibility to the earth and all within. During times like these, when major parts of our world is in such distress, I feel we are failing in our job to take care of what our Creator has given.
For the most part, what I see is powerful people fighting over the very blood of this earth we live on. This blood {OIL} does not belong to man it belongs to the world. It flows through the earth's veins and keeps it alive.

Just imagine someone taking gallons of blood out of your veins to feed into something else, every day until your veins began to collapse. This is what we humans are doing to This World, Our World, and Our Planet. This is why we
Canadians may be called to fight in a war with no reason. A war prompted by men who have no rights to what they are fighting over.

Do We Really Need To Be Fighting Or Should We, Humans Be Learning To Do What We Are Here To Do?

Caretakers For Our Creator!
by Angel Femia
of LoveCry

On the edge of a cloud
I sit and watch
The world goes by

On the edge of a cliff
A young girl wanders
In awe of the glory

By the shore of the Ocean
An old man walks
In amazement of his life

When I think of the glory
In visions such as this
It makes me question

Why we the Humans
Sent to this earth
To care take for the Creator

I work for understanding
And pray for change
We need to learn

To respect without destruction
Love without rejection
Care without obligation or payment

Be considerate of all
Take responsibility
And be honest with our words

Forgive and grow
Accept all differences
And heal what we have harmed!

New Seeds Of Love!
Angel Femia

I need to breath
So please clear my space
Watching you hate
Is an ugly face

I want to feel
The joys of life
So turn away
And live you lies

I'm going to ride
High on the waves
And deal with the sadness
That comes my way

Not live illusions
Or play your games
Of closed mind, closed heat
It's life I claim

So you go that way
And I'll go this
I'm sure you'll cry
Over what you missed

But I will find
All I truly need
And build my soul
To grow new seeds
Of Love!

Angel Femia

My guts are shaking
My mind rambles on
As I sit and wait patiently
For the next disaster
The media's just a-buzzing
Sending explosive information
In many ways out
To the masses, who want to here
What is going on
My heart begins to sadden
As I cry out endless tears
Seeing and hearing
The tormenting thoughts of people
In pain and dying
Of blood and despair
Of loss and destruction
As the authorities make decisions
Regarding our fate, our end
Our world is at War!

Mother Nature I storming!
Angel Femia

The sky is crying teardrops
Drops fall from the blue
For all the saddened children
Whose lives are so untrue?

The sun is hiding behind a cloud
Scared to show his face
Pushes out the raindrops
Children's pain is a disgrace

Mother nature is storming,
Furry fills the air
Thunder, lightening, fierce winds
We all look land stare

The human race is slowly dying
Killing itself, the pain
Humanity is now such rareness
It seems we are all insane

Wake up people, open your eyes
Look, listen and see
The sadness we have caused
Must stop if human life is to be

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