I believe Magic is Love
God is Love
Godess/Mother Earth is Love
And Love Creates Miracles
This is True Magic:

Do You Believe Magic is casting spells?
Casting Spells is a part of the ritualistic side of magic but has nothing to do with:
True Magic
True Magic is belief in Father God, Mother Nature and our Commonality. Magic comes from majistic, the usage of body, mind, and soul together as one to preform and create miracles.
Every profit since the beginning of time has told us that we can and someday will heal. They have told us to love all to the best of our abilities and work towards peace, love and unity of all.
The Druids, Natives, Celtsand Gypsies healed with herbs, natural medicines, love, care and belief. These commodaties working together are magic.
Jesus Christ was a Master Meta-Physician. He healed by using thought, belief and soul energy, which is the energy we get from God, Our Creator or The Force. He taught us that we must love to heal and that forgivness is the key to love. This is Magic!!!
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Angel Femia

In the depth of our souls,

The beauty and beast reside,

You are the master,

And thus decide which you shall be,

Using your belief of what you are,

You create what you become.

"Today, I shall be radiantly beautiful,"

And with the shimmering light of love,

Circling around my being, I am.


"Today, I shall be ugly and evil,"

And the darkness of hell,

Circles my being, so I am.

The master is in our minds,

With thought, to our soul,

a message is sent

And we become whatever we decide,

As we are the creators of what we shall be!!!

The World Survives On Natural Majic
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Angels Are Shinners

Angel Femia

Thank you for the love
You've given me today
I feel so worm and cared for
No fear is in my way

Thank You for the message
Of how you hold me dear
And through my thoughts, I send to you
A message just as clear
I Love You!

Angel Femia

I looked into your eyes
Saw your love for me
Scared, I ran away from you
I left you standing there
I felt your love around me
Please forgive my fears
I shut down so quickly
Please forgive my tears
I hurt you so, I felt it
Please forgive
I know not how to react
What now shall I say or do
I want to run right to your arms
But it terrifies me so
And I don't wish to hurt you
I know that's what I'll do
As I continue to turn
I want to turn around
Please help me understand
Please forgive me.
Please help me end this fear!

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